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Stable Solutions is a small member run equine assisted therapy company. The founders came together through their love of horses and desire to provide an effective and innovative therapy to individuals. Extensive clinical experience, combined with the warmth and honesty of horses is the foundation upon which this company was built.  

Stable Solutions is a dream realized.  As it offers an avenue in which clients can achieve emotional, social, spiritual and psychological growth. We provide equine assisted therapy and equine assisted learning to adolescents and adults who desire a unique and motivating source for personal growth.

Stable Solutions proudly works within our community, with schools, courts and other helping agencies. Our centralized location makes our services easily accessible from the Capital District, the Berkshires and Columbia County. Equine assisted therapy is proven beneficial for those dealing with post-traumatic stress, ADD/ADHD, anxiety, addictions, co-occurring disordered populations, depression and trauma.

Under the supervision of licensed therapists and certified horse specialists, individuals are able to learn about themselves and others through participation in structured activities with horses. “Equine assisted therapy essentially reveals insights through analogy and metaphor. By reflecting their experiences with the horses to other people and issues in their lives, individuals can begin to examine their negative behavior and understand how to change them into positive behavior."  (http:\\

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